Social media influences your financial decisions.

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Everyone will tell you the space moves too fast to keep up with. That’s opened up opportunities for credible research agencies to try and bring real value. But still, most of us are getting a good amount of our information from Twitter, discord, and telegram. The problem isn’t that the data streams are all bad — far from it — there’s a huge amount of brilliant analysts out there sharing their insights for free. The issue is credibly sorting the wheat from the chaff, trying to bring some signal to the noise. That’s where signally comes in.

Be in the know. Always.

When we start to make better sense of readily available data, then the insights we can glean begin to compound.

Historically Sound

Signally backtests datastreams from Twitter to Ethereum addresses to measure past performance.

Discover Gems

Finds ‘calls’ aka the first time a datastream mentions a crypto project. It then indexes that call.

Instant Trading

Refresh aggregated data streams in realtime and invest in top rankers.

Track Trends

Signally compares asset prices at the time of the first call and now. Filter traders with proven track records.

Change how you trade.

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